Drum Radio Goals

Drum Radio is a relatively new company seeking to further develop understanding of the links between the human spirit and music.  In particular drum samples has been a major interest to us, and the benefits it holds.  We believe that life becomes complete in community.  Drum circles are one powerful way that that can happen.  Crossing many cultural and language barriers, drum circles offer a connection to others in a way that few other venues can.  All one needs is a willing heart and a very basic sense of rhythm to learn how to play.

We have spent countless hours developing a paradigm of thought around the concepts of music therapy.  Part of this includes the knowledge of drums from over 25 years in music and drumming.  Upon exposure to the new ways that drumming has been used we became very enthusiastic about promoting what we have learned.  Having an acute interest in drums and percussion has led us to be ruthlessly seeking out all we can learn about the subject.
sample packsResearching the best drum products on the market has been a portion of what we do.  Thus far we have found that many of the smaller little known producers offer truly superior products at lower costs than the large companies can offer.  In some ways this comes as a surprise.  One would think that the overhead of a large company would have to be passed onto the consumer and therefor drive up the retail cost of whatever they offer.   That is in fact what happens.  Smaller companies tend to operate with less cumbersome budgets, fewer numbers of staff, and product at the very least equal to their competitors.  Having fewer staff implies that the business owners themselves are closer to their products than the typical multinational conglomerate is.  Quality control is due in part to the business owner’s proximity to what they are producing.


Drum Radio seeks out companies who believe in the same values and who may have less of a well-known name in the global marketplace.  It is our desire to respect the huge companies since they know what they are doing, yet to encourage the growth of little known producers in order that they might enjoy a fair share of the success.  In partnering with a company we endeavor to keep a few things in mind.  Is this a company who is concerned about the well being of the less fortunate? Are their drum sample packs the best out there?   Is this a company to which looking after the Earth is a priority?  Is this a company who treats their employees fairly?

Firstly Drum sample Radio desires to forward a portion of any sales to benefit underprivileged people.  In particular we desire to help at risk young women and children to overcome the barriers of any past detriments they may have faced.  We believe a multigenerational model is advantageous as well as equine assisted therapy.  With the help of those who have gone before (the more elderly), thier wisdom and insight into life offers young people the possibility of mentoring relationships that are needed, and might we add, considered normative in many cultures.  Animal therapy in addition gives the opportunity to develop a safe trusting relationship in a non-threatening way.  Horses are wonderful at this!  They have untapped intuition that can be utilized to gain progress in leaps and bounds with those coming out of abuse or brokenness of many kinds.

This place we live (planet Earth) is constantly being bombarded with the effects of human decisions.  Drum Radio feels the responsibility of looking after our resources falls on our shoulders right here and now.  In deciding which companies to partner with to supply good quality products for their use in drum samples, we consider the impact they have on their surroundings and if they are in consideration of the legacy they are leaving for the following generations.

Our company looks to other companies who practice fairness and equality with their employees rather than take advantage of people who have no choices because  of the poverty they find themselves in.  For many in underdeveloped and developing nations a form of legal slavery may exist.  The abuse of underprivileged people is the concern of Drum Radio.  We do not want to be held responsible for taking advantage of people to turn a profit using free resources.  We are into helping rather than harming.

To summarize, Drum Radio is seeking to match the ethical responsibility of our company with the reality of life.  Our school of thought concerns life as a whole, in community, and a responsibility to one another’s well being.  No person chooses where he or she is born, just as no one chooses to be poor or abused.  Our question is:  If we, who have been given so much, hoard and stockpile, who will give a loaf of bread to a hungry child?  When we point our fingers at the ones who should be helping the less fortunate, we still have three fingers pointing back at ourselves.

The Electrovoice

A friend gave me this microphone a couple of years ago.  He said that it was “a good instrument mic”.  I have been using it since then at gigs for playing saxophone.  I’ve heard a lot of talk lately about using Electrovoice microphones for playing harmonica, so I thought I would give it a try.

Even with the impedance transformer the output isn’t as high as the vintage Shure bullet microphone I usually use.  It doesn’t bark the way the Shure does, because it doesn’t have quite the same high frequency response.  The RE18 has a very deep sound, which is nice.  Also, even though it doesn’t have an extremely strong signal it still is able to overdrive the amp nicely.  The result is a very pleasing growl when it is tightly cupped.

The main problem I have with this microphone is that I don’t like holding skinny little microphones.  It makes my hands tired after a short time.  Maybe I’m not doing it right, but I always feel as if I’m trying to tightly grip a pencil with the palm of my hand, and it gets very annoying after about 3 or 4 minutes.

If you have smaller hands, or if you just like a thinner microphone, and you’re looking for a microphone with good bass response that you can overdrive easily, the RE18 would be a good choice.